About 9,300 fires a year are reported as having an electrical source, which includes faulty or inadequate wiring. Cables, switches, socket-outlets and other equipment deteriorate with prolonged use, so they all need to be checked and necessary replacements or repairs made in good time.


Our aim is to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations in their homes, places of work and leisure. In order to achieve this, we maintain a register (Roll) of electrical contractors that we have assessed as complying with the Council's rules. The assessment covers a representative sample of the contractors' electrical work, their premises and documentation, and the competence of their key supervisory staff. Once contractors become NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractors, they are re-assessed every year by one of the Council's 53 Area Engineers to confirm that their business and the technical standard of their electrical work continue to comply with the Council's rules.

Enrolment with the NICEIC is voluntary, but electrical contractors that are competent and conscientious about the service they offer customers would consider it a priority to enrol.

There are more than 10,500 Approved Contractors on the Roll, covering the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland. This means that you're sure to have a choice of Approved Contractors operating in your area. You can find an Approved Contractor by searching the Roll of Approved Contractors by postcode.


It is imperative that electrical work is carried out only by those with the necessary knowledge, skill and experience of the type of electrical work to be undertaken to enable them to avoid the dangers to themselves and others that electricity can create. It's easy to make an electrical circuit work - it's far more demanding to make the circuit work safely. Safety for you in your home is paramount; therefore the NICEIC strongly recommends that you choose an Approved Contractor to carry out your electrical work.

As a further guarantee of good work, all NICEIC Approved Contractors must issue certificates for all work carried out in accordance with the national standard BS 7671, Our Certificates page gives more details.

In the rare cases where a consumer is not satisfied with the technical standard of an Approved Contractor's electrical work, the NICEIC offers a complaints resolution service. The NICEIC expects its Approved Contractors to provide quality services to customers so, subject to certain limitations and conditions, we endeavour to resolve all complaints about the technical standard of their work. If a customer and an Approved Contractor are unable to resolve an alleged deficiency in the technical standard of electrical work, the customer can make a formal complaint to the NICEIC. All complaints falling within the scope of the NICEIC complaints procedure will be investigated and where a complaint is substantiated, the deficiency will be rectified at no additional cost to you. See our Complaints section for more details.


The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is recognised by the British Government as the UK body responsible for accrediting the competence of certification and inspection bodies.



UKAS has assessed the NICEIC and concluded that the Council meets the requirements of EN 45011: 1998 - General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems through the operation of its Approved Contractor certification scheme. Consequently, UKAS has granted the NICEIC an Accredited Certificate for its certification activities.

EN 45011 specifies requirements, compliance with which ensures that certification bodies operate third-party certification systems in a competent, consistent and reliable manner. UKAS accreditation has provided formal recognition of the credibility and effectiveness of the enrolment scheme the NICEIC has been operating in the interests of consumer safety for almost 45 years. In effect, the NICEIC has been a certification body throughout that period in all but name.

The initial scope of accreditation is 'Electrical work within the scope of BS 7671 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, other than in hazardous areas'. We are currently developing the criteria and procedures for a robust process for assessing the technical capability of contractors to undertake electrical work in hazardous areas.

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